went to the Eastview mall today. Kinda disappointed, Not ONE store had a button up shirt that fit me or had a decent collar I could wear to interviews. on the plus side, I found a really nice vest that looks great with button up (when i find one) that I can wear, and two toothless shirts from hot topic (They only seem to carry my size in store thankfully). Was a little disappointed at Zumiez though, they usually have more button ups, and all they seemed to have were the obey shirts.

So now I am gonna have to go to the Outlet mall for Bras, A Button up, shoes, and maybe dress pants.

Posted 2 months ago

#They had some really nice button up #My two faves came from two different stores #And they were white with black piping #Great collars #But the one at Banana Republic didn't go up to my size #and the other one went up to my size and had one black stripe to cover the buttons #but the sleeves had so much access fabric I could have stuffed them with cotton and turned it into a princess blouse #And both were like 80 dollar #For a button up #They were nice and would have been worth it #But #They didn't fit

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